Wear gloves when handling light. It becomes very hot and there are potential "pinch" points when setting up or breaking down.
Light stands should be broad based and thoroughly sand bagged before light is tilted. If light is rigged off the stand, use only suitable industry hardware with safety lines. One of the “Low” crank stands is advisable.
A light should be lifted, tilted or otherwise manipulated by at least two people.
Always disconnect light from power source before changing bulbs.
Never defeat a safety micro-switch by, for example, holding it down in order to turn on a bulb which is not protected by its glass and wire cover.
HMI bulbs can explode and, if not covered by glass, cause injury. Uncovered bulbs produce excessive UV light which can seriously harm eyes and burn skin.
Never allow water inside the electronics compartment and do not let water touch the glass covers. Before rain begins, turn off bulbs, completely cover light and disconnect light from its power source. If it is necessary to use the light in the rain, provide as much cover as necessary to keep light completely dry.
Use grounded circuits and plug both of the light‘s Edison plugs into the same circuit. If this is not possible, check polarity to see that both circuits used are wired correctly and that neutrals are not crossed.
Don’t push fingers or other objects inside the electronics compartment. And do not remove its mirrored cover plate.
Always ensure that air can pass freely over cooling fins.
In the worst high temperature situations, such as when the light is hung horizontal near a hot ceiling with little airflow and all four bulbs on, one ballast may overheat after an hour or two and shut off automatically. The remaining three ballasts will run continuously and the fourth bulb will kick on and off as its ballast cools and then overheats again. In this situation you should use only three bulbs, or increase air circulation. With advance notice, we can rewire fans to run faster-but noisier-so lights can be hung with all 4 bulbs running continuously.
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